Where Are The Female Engineers?

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Hey beauties, it has been a while. I know this place has been dormant for too long. The truth is I knew what I wanted to achieve with this blog initially but at a point, I got weak in the knees. I felt I will just be wasting my precious time writing what concerns nobody… And after a long time, I thought to myself that it won’t hurt anyone if I give it a shot, I will only feel terrible when I do not do anything at all. So here I am again and guess what that is the end of doubt… I am back and we are in this together… you and I.

I have been wondering within me why we have few female engineers and most especially fewer recognized ones. Is it that so many only studied engineering in schools and left to other fields? Or they have not been significant enough in their places of work to make a difference? Or is it that they left school with so many aspirations but due to the economic situation didn’t go on as planned? Many others probably just got married, started having kids and forgot about practicing? So many questions yet very few answers…

I dropped this same question on my Facebook wall a while ago and the responses were great. A lot of people actually share the same thoughts that we don’t have a lot of female engineers in the country.

It is quite disturbing that we have a few recognized engineers in Nigeria unlike with other professions. Yes, I know there are actually bodies for female engineers like APWEN (Association of Professional Women Engineers in Nigeria) where you are supposed to network and learn better. But that association is filled with a bunch of oldies (forgive my language) that are stuck with the ancient practices and way of life. They have refused to give room to the younger ones to effect changes and try out the newer methods.

Well, it is yet another issue that engineering in Nigeria is far behind compared with the rest of the world, but that is entirely a story for some other time…
For now, all I am interested in is to know where the younger generation of female engineers in Nigeria is. Those of us just coming out need mentors we can relate with, with struggles and stories we can understand.

So my question still stands. What is your take on it? Are you an engineer, do you have a sister or a friend who’s an engineer, are you an engineering student or still nursing the idea; tell us what you know.

2 thoughts on “Where Are The Female Engineers?”

  1. I’m not an engineer, but i know that engineering is one of those professions with low percentage of the female folks as professionals. My question is, is there a board for engineers in Nigeria? i dont know any though, but i’m sure thats the best place to find your colleagues. You’d be shocked how many youngies you’d find there.

    1. Thanks for replying.
      Well, the major body is NSE (Nigerian Society of Engineers) then we have APWEN that’s the women wing. I have attended their meetings a couple of times, there are lots of way older ladies there. There’s really a gap.

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